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Lecture 2

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Jan 16 2009 EESA06 ,}ZoLZ}lZLZo }L] Z}o]}L[ - }L]LLo]9~J2LZ9L2[ - Sea floor spreading 1960 (Hess) - Polar wander paths for continents 1965 - Magnetic reversals and stripes 1965 (Vine) - Mid-ocean ridges and hot spots - Plate tectonics: 1967 - Oceanic vs. continental plates - Collisional (obducting and subducting) margins and divergent (ridges) Mid Ocean Ridges (MOR) and trenches - Are actually volcanoes (shallow water) or ocean crustfloor - Fractures divide mid ocean ridges into segments - Trenches: very deep water - A lot of volcanic and biological activity - ZZK}lZ[LK]Lo}Z]Z o J]L }L ]ZK2K]ZZZZ[] lZ~Z L2]L2 }L LKoZ in rocks as it rises up and cools on the ocean floor o E.g. nickel, silver, copper, lead o ,2Z }[} }L L]L2KoZ}LZZo}} o Important to driving ocean circulation Harold Hess introduced idea of sea floor spreading (1962) - ^o}} ,KZ[Z o]L}KLoLL ZZ - Oceanic crust spreads and pushes into subduction zones - Basalt in crust gets melted and mixed to become magma - Magma get less dense and will want to push up - The younger the ocean, the hott
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