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Lecture 11

Lecture 11

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Lecture 11 y Protecting human society from natural stuff y Urban developmentsprawl In megacities 2030 million people Amount of waste produced water nuclear waste Supply energy materials Urban shadow which is economic influences Toronto has huge demand for concrete you need gravel to make it as well as rock We use lake Ontario change circulation pattern in watery We tend not to use surface water because it is sensitive to pollution We use lake water rivers and ponds for drinking water y Ground water that moves down through rocks and sediments Rocks fracture because of plate tectonics y Hardens example at highland creek Big bends in river in the early days With urbanization less water goes into the ground Discharge of river becomes flashyy Leaches Has nasty stuff in it Moves out from bottom like plume Shape of these contaminant plumes is the samey 1200 landfills in southern Ontario Need to know what is in it y Brown filled sites Used maybe 50 000 years ago Tear buildings to build condo or whatever Need to know what was under the surface y Soil mixed with gasoline Magical mix cleans soil out Found to be horse manure Worked welly Radon gas is a product of the breakdown of uranium Uranium to lead in age dating rocks As radon gas pr
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