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Lecture 9

Lecture 9 - The Future of Planet Earth The Next Supercontinent

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Lecture 9 - The Future of Planet Earth: The Next Supercontinent Monday, March 19, 2012 10:06 AM THURSDAY April 5th - Quiz (Because of Good Friday) Study Break April 10-15, Exams April 16-30 FINAL EXAM: Based on Chapters 1-4, 11, 19, 20 and Lectures 10 and 11 Topics 1. The Building of Pangea 2. Alpine-Himalayan Orogeny: Indian sub-continent collides with Asia after 25 Ma destroying the Tethys Ocean 3. Uplift of the Himalayas and climate change after 2 Ma - Climate change due to interglacial - Ice Age 100,000 ya 'History doesn't repeat itself: ….but it often rhymes' Earth's past tells us of the future Closure of the Tethys Ocean as Pangea breaks up The beginning of Pangea II: Obduction of Indian crust, and Asia grows in size (Fig. 2.29)  Get volcanoes from subductin: creates new crust, can't be subducted Obduction   Graben Professor Augusto Gansser 1901-2012 Pioneer of Himalayan geology  Wrote a book The Indian sub continent as an 'intender' Destructive earthquakes in China India - like a wedge under Asian continent (Mt. Everest)  Rate of uplift and rate of erosion is about the same Where there's no seismic activity or gaps, the fault is locked (dangerous) Mediterranean Sea is a remnant of the Teth Closure of the Mediterranean Sea and destruction of Tethyan crust In geology, a graben is a depressed block of land bordered by parallel faults. Graben is German for ditch or trench. Graben is used for both the singular and plural. A graben is the result of a block of land being downthrown producing a valley with a distinct scarp on each side. Graben often occur side-by-side with horsts. Horst and graben structures are indicative of tensional forces and crustal stretching. Graben are produced from parallel normal faults, where the hanging wall is downthrown and t
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