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Lecture 11

Lecture 11

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Environmental Science
Nick Eyles

Lecture 11 J Environmental Challenges Exam: focus on plate tectonics and chapter 20 Urban Sprawl - Urban shadow: economic influence - Toronto: huge demand for concrete, gravel J using up the local resources of rock - Lake Ontario J putting a lot of sewage in o Surface water J very sensitive to contaminants and pollution - Rocks have fractures, from which water goes through the cracks Managingprotecting water resources Watersheds and ecosystems - Impacted by urban development - Rivers J hardened J urbanization of the water shed the water flushes off the hard surfaces and buildings J less water goes into the ground, runs off very quickly J discharges is flashy, up and down o Highland creek J had big bends o Now wants to straighten itself with erosion and flooding problems Wastes (nuclear, municipal, industrial, etc) - Moved around and stored properly - Put in landfills - Water goes down through the waste and interacts with the waste producing leech ate o Moves out from the bottom of the pit producing a plume o Shape of the contaminant plume similar to when you[re barbequing o Being able to deal with the waste J Morningside and Ellesmere now a plume o Have to have pipes, clay, plastic surround landfills Remediation of contaminated sites - Clean them up - Opposition of building on farmland - Brown field sites J tear the buildings down and building something new o Understand what was there before - Biological agents used to clean remediated sites o Hydrocarbons love the bacteria horse manure Radon gas - Break down of uranium o Uranium to lead - Colourless, odourless - Breaks down into polonium, people breathe that in, producing lung cancer - Canada has a lot of granite containing uranium and a lot of shales which also have a lot of uranium Hazards: earthquakes, landslides, and tsunamis
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