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Environmental Science
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Planet Earth Lecture 7: Galapagos- islands tip of iceberg of plateau that runs east Hot spot at top of islands o Carry away from east; erode, hot spot trails o Flat top, below sea level (sink Guyots flat top dead volcano) Hot spot- hot spot islands, middle of ocean o Islands have younger rocks than oceanfloor o Youngest above hot spot, trail shows older Systematic aging in trail Hot spot trail- shows tectonic movement direction Bathe-deep Metri- measure BATHYMETRIC- show water depth Phreatomagmatic- water goes down, hit magma o Steam, pyroclastic eruption Young if theres no vegetation Layers of ash- falls on land- pyroplastic (rocks with layers) Cyndacone (cynda-burnt rock) Volcanic ash-fine to large pieces (large ones-Scoria) Giant prickly cactus-raised and tall because predation; eaten by giant tortoises 1859- Darwin published Origin of Species
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