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Environmental Science
Tanzina Mohsin

EESA09Lecture 1Mythological and Cultural WindsAeolusGreek God of WindFeng Po PoChinese goddess of windHayaji Japanese god of wind whirlwindNilchINavajo holy windHistory of WindAtmosphere has existed for 46 billion years composition of atmosphere not constant variation occurred due to 3 main controls geological biological and anthropogenicGeologic ControlEarly atmosphere due to volcanic emissions CO and CH4238 billion years ago life appearedanaerobic not needing oxygen Age of BacteriaAfter 23 billion years of CH4 and CO2 abrupt change in atmospheric conditionsoxygen made its appearanceBiological ControlOxygen appeared 23 billion years agostabilized at 21Aerobic life forms appearedSince this time atmosphere relatively constant although have been variation of trace gases such as CO2oVariations play key role in determining thermal conditions Gaia HypothesisJames LovelockLife modifies the environment to best suit itselfAtmospheric constituents have been controlled by life to optimize conditions for life21 oxygen is optimum for aerobic lifeWhy switch from anaerobic to aerobicoEarly sun produced 30 less energy since then solar output has been increasingoHigh levels of CH4 and CO2 had green house effectConditions were then warm enough for lifeoSolar output increased earth becoming too warmSwitched to aerobic life which reduced the GHG and cooled the planetConsiderably less CO2 in the atmosphere than early earth
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