EESA09H3 Midterm: Wind Midterm Review

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Aeolus (greek god of wind), feng po po (chinese goddess of wind), haya-ji (japanese god of wind, whirlwind), nilch"i (navajo holy wind) Japanese culture => gods of shinto, the god of wind. Hindu and buddhist religions => nature or state of a god, referred to as vayu , Wind is one of the five great elements (islam, judaism, christianity) The earth"s atmosphere has existed for 4. 6 billion years, since the earth was formed. The composition of the atmosphere has not been constant. Variations in atmospheric constituents have occurred due to three main controls: geological, biological, anthropogenic. The early earth"s atmosphere had a composition largely the result of volcanic emissions, carbon dioxide (co2) & methane (ch4) About 3. 8 billion years ago life appeared: early life => anaerobic (not needing oxygen) in nature flourished in this environment, called the age of bacteria . After 2. 3 billion years of the methane and carbon dioxide atmosphere, there was an abrupt change in atmospheric conditions.

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