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Lecture 10

Lecture 10 Study Guide

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Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

**not sure about highlights** Lecture #10: Environmental Hazards to Specific Populations th Wednesday, March 30 2011 Children more vulnerable than adults Elderly also quite vulnerable Childrens Environmental Health The limited diet of children o Childrens diet is different from adults o Eat 3-4 times more food in proportion to their body size than adults; more water, breathe more air o fewer types of foods o Large quantities of specific foods E.g. Breastmilkformulacows milk contains fat and if it contains contaminants, dioxins etc. then they are exposed to these more than adults because they rely on it for their diet E.g. Fruits babies consume more fruits on average than adults; if fruits contain pesticides, then they are more exposed to this contaminant o Drink more water relative to their body height More water = more nitrates more nitrite accumulation in the body ** Young adults e.g. 18 yrs. Have reduced dairy and water intake they switch to salty drinks and fast foodsfatty foods because theyre independent, they are also exposed to unwanted chemicals through their diet Behaviours unique to children o Mouthing behaviour 2-6 year olds touch their mouths about 9 times every hour & dont wash their hands very often If anything is contaminated, theyre exposed to unwanted contaminants!
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