EESA 10- LECTURE 1. Clear and Concise notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

EESA Lecture 1: Environment affects our health. Also other factors that influence our health (such as genetic traits from mother, father, grandparents and etc.) For example, one person may be resistant to disease more than another person. This wont be spoken about much in lecture. What is environmental health? (1) Disease and injuries. Factors: (2) Chemical organicinorganic that we come into contact with. Physical everything around us. Social environment - Housing: what type of house we live in (old, with lead pipes means we will have lead in our drinking water). - Urban development: ruralurban areas or developingdeveloped areas. - Land use: agricultural land, urban parts. - Transportation What is the environment? Everything. Everything that affects the living organism (wolf, type of bird, plant, oak tree and etc) Mostly air, water, soil are the compartments that are part of our general environment. Also, manmade environment (everything that is human work; buildings, roads). Environment
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