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Lecture 3

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Environmental Science
Jovan Stefanovic

Lecture 3 Waterborne Hazards and Human HealthLiquid natural capitolWater generally is a liquid capitol natural capitolWhy is it natural Water is available everywhere in nature we are surrounded by waterEven our body is mostly consisted of waterEarth is a water planet71 of our surface is covered with waterNot all of this water is available for us for our consumptionoWhy Mostly salty waterwe are surrounded by huge oceans and huge seasoNot much fresh water that we can use for human consumption and animal consumptionWhy is water so important No living species animals plants or humans can survive and live without waterWe always think about drinking though water is not just for drinkingEverything in household from cleaning to cooking industrial purposes agriculture for watering plants and cropsThere is a science called geomorphology that discusses sculpting the Earths surfaceWater is one of the factors that changes the shape of planet Earththis is called water erosionoOne of the types of erosion is water soil erosion changes moving of the soil by waterwater streams surface runoffModerating climatemild winter hot summers not that hotWater is a universal solventsolve many different chemicals same is the thing in natureWater is involved in dissolving and diluting particlescan be good and something that we might not wantWater also dilutes wastes and pollutantswhat happens is move water together with water streamflow and reach rivers lakes ponds oceansWithdrawal total amount of water removed from a river lake or aquifer for any purpose Some may be returned to the source for reuseUse about 54 of the worlds reliable runoff of surface water and could be using 7090 by 2025How much fresh water is available Not much fresh water is available on Earth974 of all water is found in oceans and saline lakes26 in fresh water is availableOf the 26 in fresh water most of it is captured as ice caps and glaciers 1984Water from ice caps and glaciers is not readily available might be if global warming continuesGroundwater composes of a significant amount of the fresh wateroGroundwater is available for us but we need to pump it out to use it and consume it and also not use it more than it is replenishedThere is only 0014 of readily available fresh wateroOf this 0007 is found in lakes 0005 as soil moisture some significant amount of water is in atmosphere as water vapour and some as biota all living organismsThere are huge amounts of water stored in leaves and vegetation
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