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Financial Accounting
Bill Mc Conkey

MGTC11 Week 12 Last Class April 5, 2011 Review Class Final Exam MC only from post-midterm Short answer bias on second half - Not ask same kind of question again, possible major topics from first half Ch. 7 Enterprise Infrastructure - 2 half (missed a lot) - 1 half talked a lot of SoA concept - Avail for plug-in - Design use interchangeably with different software - SoA design software, info needs, hardware (what type of input) - Know environment operating in - Modules need to be in standard format - Tone of discipline of how data is input into system - How data set up - Interfaces written that translate - Checks on data to make sure valid (numeric things should not allow alpha, eight digits only) Hardware - Ideally if you have PDA or mobile device or laptop, actually want to be quite flexible - Want ppl with diff types of hardware to still be able to accessinformation ERP Revisited - Broad enterprise of functions - Supply focus: forecasting, inventory, SCM - Demand side: forecasting, marketing, sales reporting - Multi-billion dollar systems, SAP ERP Evolution - Materials requirement planning: how much, when, pricing, which supplier - Supply set of tools, not integrated with CRM or forecasting modules, sales tools ERP and SoA - Dont wait for SAP, or PeopleSoft to come out with service or module to add to ERP systems
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