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Lecture 6

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Global Asia Studies
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Liang Chen

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The Intan shipwreck valuables were excavated and used to explain the connection
between Asian countries of maritime trades. It crashed near Indonesia and was
found by fishermen. It most likely crashed because of a sudden storm. The ship was
made of Asian timber and design along with the Chinese bottom (flat bottom). The
ship contained no iron, which is rare, but helps us know what general area and time
period it was from. We could tell Asian countries have influenced each other greatly
even during that time by examining the cargo of this ship. The recovered cargo was
extremely diverse. It consisted of several thousand Chinese ceramics, Thai fine-
paste-ware, and base metal ingots of bronze, tin, lead and silver, Indonesian gold
jewellery, bronze religious and utilitarian artefacts, Chinese mirrors, Arabic glass,
iron pots, and a wide range of organic materials. Gold was an important metal that
was also found in ingots on the ship used to signify wealth and importance along
with its ceremonial meaning. Tin was also found on the ship; tin was important
because it was a component of Bronze which was used in objects of prayer and
everyday objects. Tin and gold were essential to the expression of the culture of the
rich in Southeast Asia. Ship also contained a few bronze Buddha statues and
terracotta shrines. They showed the spread of Buddhism; a religion that supported
trade. These Buddhist objects were most likely meant for Java where Buddhists and
Hindus used expensive items to compete for the kings support. The glass beads
found on the ship show that by the tenth century glass beads were being made.
Also, the ship contained broken shards of glass most likely to be used in creating
beads. Cotton was most likely on the ship because of its value in world trade but was
still not on the ship when it was found. Silk was also not found because they
wouldnt have survived the long time under water; but many believe that silk would
have been the most important part of the cargo.
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