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Lecture 7

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Shaun Tanaka

GGRB13 Lecture 7: Invisible City documentary (30 October 2013) While watching documentary: - Visibly engage with it - Look at race, age, class, gender, etc. Assignment 2 Movie Review Suggestions - Demonstrate accurate, analytical reading and strong personal response - Not only the WHAT, but the SO WHAT - Highly subjective, opinion driven - Describe, analyze, and express - What is the director’s viewpoint, purpose? - What is the director’s main points? Evidence? o How is it viewed? - How does the style influence the context? o Relevance? - How complete is the argument? Where are the gaps? o Neglections? Questions? What’s there? - How successful was the movie? - Take note of not just what you see, but how you feel while watching the documentary Being critical isn’t just about criticism - What does the documentary highlight, what does it neglect? - What does it do exceptionally well? - Does it reflect the themes of the course? - Does it give voice to its subjects? - ‘I think they did this well, but what about this?’ - Can have criticism, but be critical about it - Not unmediated fact o Mediated through director and producer o Through a lens with a particular vision (What’s included? What’s not?) - Cities – planner’s viewpoints - We can manipulate the environment - Ex. Regent P
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