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Week 12 Lecture Note

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University of Toronto Scarborough

Final Exam: Study guide on Blackboard Friday, April 29, 2-4pm, room MW 170 Please arrive 20 minutes early Japan Tsunami Mar 11, 2011 What impact do you think such natural disaster had on the population? o Economic consequences theyve been dismantled for the time being Towns are destroyed You can imagine economic consequences for building infrastructure in the cities is huge The earthquake on March 11 is the most expensive natural disaster that is known in history so far We have this earthquake and tsunami in a region that has quite used to have earthquakes and tsunamis because Japan is located on the Pacific rim Japan is used to earthquakes, this is why Japan built their infrastructure accordingly However, this time, it was the severest earthquake ever measured on the Richler scale 8.9 (never measured before) This is why a country like Japan is prepared for those events The coastline is prepared for high waves like tsunamis up to 5 meters, so the walls that secure the cities are 5 meters high, however the tsunami this time was 10 meters high This is why the natural disaster struck Japan in that way If you look at devastation in Kasanuma, its a city about 50,000 and to rebuild the whole town will take decades to do so This of course brings us to whether people should migrate o Consequences for the elderly o Migration and displacement Some people in towns like Kasanuma are displaced because they lost their houses Others think that the economic consequences are so severe that they tend to think about migrating to a different place However, migration in Japan has taken place for quite a while to big cities, this is why we have the biggest city in the world Tokyo has over 6 million people, it might be difficult to take up more people in these old cities Mostly young people move to these centers before things like this natural disaster happened This is why we find lots of elderly in smaller towns and villages, and these people usually have difficulties to adjust to this new situation because mostly their income was fishing in these towns which they
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