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Michelle Buckley

Week 12 GGRC40 Sanitation of Mumbai - Funded by World Bank - Supernational corporation getting involved with the SSP - A) Governance system within local system to run the sanitiation program - B) fees to use them o Really good governance in Megacity o We have institution, local governance, and a good program for this to be successful - Not given by the state but provided by communities for communities - In our city, we are not engaged in this type of governance. Our governance structure is different from Mumbai sanistation - Money goes back to the loans to the WB and to the function of the infrastructure sanitation program Slum dwellers used to get those service for free through voting a certain government. -Slum dwellers used to get this for free. Changes the way cities are governed. Citizenship got to do with it? - Governance is often about who gets deleted as a citizen and who doesn’t - Citizen – who belongs? Certain set of rights by belonging in a nation state - In urban level, no statiotary set of legal rights - But urban scholars say: NO. its more than that. - Citizenship is more than just by law o When we think about belonging, citizenship is just more than just who is a national o If you want to know what citizenship is really about, think of de facto ( by habit or by practice) o Citizenship needs to be thought through by habit or by practice  Someone who has access to the city from the way they look  The right to the city is really important. Who actually really belongs and who has access to public space. Who can make difference or not Abahlali BaseMjondolo  Indigeous woman from Latin America, who walks into a lobby in Cancun Mexico  Staff saw her clothing and looked like a bit out of place  4-5 members said shes not allowed there and ushered out. o Thought she was homeless woman  She is actually a nobel peace prize winner and a rights advocate o Citizen de facto  Someon
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