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GGRB28H3 Lecture Notes - Gender Role, Health Geography, Condom

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Talar Sahsuvaroglu

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health and effects on migration - selevtivity of migration: healthy migrate
effect (know what this mean: those who work in non labour work are
healthier), reverse selectiveity:older inidivuals travel for better health care or
else might not have lower income have to move to lower income place,
unhealthy selection: limitation to migration
migration occurs for health dcare and sopcial suppropt: hive and aids: these
ppl tended to move to vancouver...bc more of an understand
community...better level of health care available...better accomidating...and
older ppl whom are healther could migrate to hot place during summer...
migration and health services: less use of preventative care (often due to
language barriers, can be due to legal), culturally sensitive health care (is
needed for language and for comfort, unsetand culturally), in US lack of
economic conditions to get forms of health care (programs have been
creative in order to improve access to care)(insurance), often migraates have
a lack of knowledge in health care...and about services (informal networks),
informal networks of care not only not knowing where to go but also informal
networks of care, also professionals (brain drain-> ) can effects providers bc
good professional who are not paid well may choose to leave,
medical tourism - subdivision of migration for health care...theraputic sites,
theraputic landscapes, could even be heart replacements or hip
replacements, very commified (wealthy ppl),
consumer -oriented industry
-countries known for quality of germany and switzerland
-other countries compete based on: price, amenties...
why does it happen why is it so important? (medical tourism)
increase in medical toursm due to price, affordabilirt of travel, internet
promotion, improvements in standards of care, internet promotion, wait
-> increase toursim...a tearing system occurs bc some ppl are able to afford
these medical serivces so it can be access faster to those with money
->critiques -> cost of follow-up on home systems, risk of complication (that
may not be in the packages), exposure to disease (other countries might
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