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Lecture 5

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Global Asia Studies
Libbie Mills

GASA Week 5- Status Oct 10 2012 Midterm - don't need to be well- structured, just thoughtful and interesting, show the things learned from lectures and readings. - Week 1-5 cosmology, embryology, - 1-2 pages for each question Part1- how it is determined? Reading 5.1- Dumont, Louis, - Hierarchy is based on purity and occupation - Ranking on a purity- pollution scale, into many castes (jati) - 3 characteristics: 1. Separation in matters of marriage and contact, whether direct or indirect 2. Division of labour, each group having, in theory or by tradition, a profession from which its members can depart only within certain limits 3. Hierarchy, which ranks the groups as relatively superior or inferior to one another - from traditional india, 2 Ranking in 4 orders of power (varnas): 1. Brahmin (priest/ scholar), has more power than the king 2. Ksatriya (king, warrior) 3. Vaisya (merchant, farmer) 4. Sudra (servant) * And those below the ranking, once termed “untouchables”, now “harijan” or “dalit”.* - jati system is more self- recognizing, - The two systems sometimes overlapping - Hard to match the two together, because ranking based on different points. - Part 2- how it is demonstrated? - Patrick Olivelle (2008), the use of appearance to denote status, at three points across Asia - Reading 5.2- Olivelle, Patrick (2008) - Hair and Society, Social Significance of Hair in South Asian Traditions - 3 modes of Males from South Asia: Groomed, unkempt, shaven - Happened in the fashion - Groomed hair: marks membership of normal society. People in south asia do not like to show their hair un-groomed in public. - Loose or disheveled hair: marks departure from society. Gave up all things to look for higher spiritual things. Can also show temporary departure from the society, like in the morning. - Shaved hear: demonstrates purity, marks a separation from society or purification on entry/ reentry into society. Shave a baby’s head to show the welcome of the baby into the society. - When a widow shaved her hair, she’s trying to show that she is leaving the social group she used to be (married people), and to show she is entering a new social group. - Exceptions- Sikh male. Should not cut their hair. Long hair of Hindu holy man is showing he is householder. To show both statuses: a holy man and a householder. Clothing Matters: - The arrival of European clothing styles in South Asia, invited participation for
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