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Global Asia Studies
Sudharshan Duraiyappah

GASB67H3 Week 2: Lecture Notes Jan 17 2013 - Mauyra - Elephant: Dhauhi, Orissa - Bull: Rampurva - Lion: Vaisahi Art and Architecture - Sindu Valley- Harappa Culture (Indus Valley Civilization) 2500- 1500 BCE - Vedic Culture 1500BCE- 100BCE (second structure of imagery) - Sind beside the river, ancient name of that region. Sind became the name for India. - Land mass equals to modern day England, Span and England. - Seals, imagery found in the Sindu Valley. Soft soap stone, pre- Buddhism, human and animal forms. Had writing, complexity of meaning like Chinese character. Worn as mark of property, trade and - Combination of a person with animals. Buffalo, tiger, elephant… only certain animals were used because of the local meanings to the local people. Cultural relevance. - Certain type of people was used in the sculptures. - The plant. Buddha sitting under the Bodi tree. - Found in Egypt. Also in China, Middle East. Showed that there were trading and travelling between different places. - Image, medium, site, date and context. Important components to study artifacts. - Red sand stone, male human figure, found in Sindu Valley. Realistic or idealistic. - In Buddhism and Jainism art, suppose to show life. Prnan, chi. - Body rotating. - Female images. Generous breast shape, heavily jeweled, hair jewel, - Christian gave the existed things a new meaning. - Arms and legs are not elaborated, triangular human body shape. Geometry. - Sindus Valley, cultural - Made out of tint of cooper and other materials. - The hair, heavily jewels, nude, not sure if it has cloth when it was made. The image is not standing straight, the knee is bending, hips swan to one side, head is to one side , showed a S shape, Tri Banga(counter postal). Vedic Period - Veda, four of them - Wendy Doniger O’ Flaherty, translated poems
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