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3 Nov 2010
- rendering of the port of Nagasaki
- opened fire at ports when Japan said "no"
- 1900 - Japan open to American trade
- midpoint between pacific coast & Japan
Spanish-American War
- started as a civil conflict in Cuba (against Spanish rule)
- Monroe Doctrine - imperialists have no means in America/Caribbean
- direct American aggression -- "Maine" controversy
Æ media campaign - New York Journal (led by Hearst), The World (Pulitzer)
Æ advocate American entrance into the war
["You furnish the pictures, I'll finish the war"]
- use media to sway congress/public to put pressure on government to fund for war
- 8 pages a day for a month
Æ Congress: "Remember the Maine, to hell with Spain"
- public opinion is necessary for action to be 'approved' - media = monopoly of government
- US tells Spanish to cease fire (in Cuba)
- sends ultimatum to withdraw from Cuba - pretext for US to declare war
- US invades (4 months = 460 deaths)
- Theodore Roosevelt (led a group of American volunteers - Rough Riders) [governor of NY]
Æ did NOT annex Cuba (wanted compensation, $400 million)
- declared Cuba independent of Spain but under friendly govern of United States
- took Puerto Rico & Guam
- US navy control over Manila
- pretext: after Cuba revolted/freed against Spanish rule, other Spanish territory revolted --
asserting control and liberating the Philippines
- President McKinley - occupation & declare Philippines as a colony of US
- Aguinaldo - guerrilla campaign (3 years civil war)
- pretext: using open door policy (free trade, no country has the right to close their ports to
- prevent Imperial confrontation --
- Secretary of State John Hay - negotiated with the Chinese to share
- Fists of Righteous Harmony (Boxers) versus Imperialism
a society that was semi-cultural - believed that they had the spiritual/mystical
power to deflect bullets (against open door)
- Ching Empress allows rebellion to occur - message to be spread
Æ defeat, Allied control China (1900)
- British, Japanese, American sphere of control
Panama Canal
- lack of/difficult communication between one navy and the other
- Roosevelt Vice President (1900) when President McKinley Æ killed
Æ resolve the aspect of connecting the oceans
consulted French engineers of Suez Canal 1878 Æ Columbia
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