HISB93H3 Professor Dowler Fall 2009 Lecture Note

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24 Jul 2010

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Oct 15
x Moscow began as a small circle and by 1462, it expanded
x 1533, Moscow absorbs various states around it
x It was in competition with Lithuania
x Pskov and Chernigov were fought over and eventually Moscow won them
x Golden Horde broke into Kazan Horde (Vulga River), Astrakhan Khanate and Crimean
x Nogai Horde was for politics
x Moscow is well located with Vulga, Dnieper around it
x A civil war began in 14th century that continued for 100 years. It was a struggle for Vladimir
between Moscow and Tver
x It prevented people from concentration in removing the Mongols
x 1450, the Moscow branch had established itself as the leading family
x Some of them were independedent city states and some were under Lithuanian control
x Enormous expansion under Ivan III control (he deserves the title the Great)
x He was a clear sighted ruler, very effective at getting what he wanted, he had personality
(different from the other monarchs who were all similar)
x Ivan was good at using diplomacy and he used force too
x He looked like a prince, tall, stern face that made a powerful impression
x His son was Vasilii III and he was tough and capable leader
x In the reign of Ivan III, northwest Russia obtained complete independence from Mongols,
x In that year, one of the leaders of the Horde, Akhmed, tried to bring Moscow under Mongol
x He demanded that Moscow pay tribute to Mongols and Ivan marched his army to meet him
x The Khan withdrew and that was the end of the confrontation between Mongols and
x The balance of power in the region (included Muscovy, Lithuania and the Horde), Golden
Horde no longer in power
x The only powers left are Moscow and Lithuania
x Moscow won power by default. Lithuania was very weak in this struggle because firstly, they
were very distracted in finding independence from Poland and the Catholic Church put
pressure to Catholicize Lithuania. Secondly, the lands that were in dispute were Slavic
speaking state and Orthodox.
x Lithuania had to make many compromises and the Polish and Catholic influence grew
x As a result, Russia princes began to think twice about Lithuania (thought that Moscow was
better than Lithuania)
x As a result, many princes left Lithuania federation and joined the princes of Moscow
x Moscow acquired many lands voluntarily
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