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Year 1 - HISA04 Themes in World History I W1 L1 - Sept12.doc

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William Nelson

Week 1, Lecture 1 HISA04 Themes in World History I Wed 12 Sept 2012 - Armada voyage sailed to South Asia and parts of Africa by Zheng He of China (1405 – 1433) Zheng He’s Grand Armada - Carried food, calvary etc. - 27,000 crew members - Voyages represented China’s prosperity and power - Ming Dynasty after Mongol rule and drastic population losses from plague - China was advanced in technology - China did not drive early modern globalization - Europeans took leading role in initiating connections during early globalization Why did the Chinese not drive early globalization? - Stopped exploration because of: - Conservative Confucian faction gained influence in China. - It was considered improper for people to leave when parents were still alive (so the soldiers could not leave for long, provided they could even leave). - Saw little to gain from ‘barbarian’ nations Contingency - Most large transformations are contingent; not determined or pre-determined - Outcomes usually contingent upon many factors - Things could have been different Aspects of Early Modern World - Keep in mind how different early moder
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