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William Nelson

HISA01 Sept. 24 Creating a system of trade meant that economics of individual countries were affected.  Centralization (the act of consolidating power under a central control), prosperity  Paying taxes with actual pieces of money  Creation of large institutions i.e. police  Territory and population grew o So did need to project power. This lead to the need for rulers to show why their rule is legitimate.  Divine Rule (established as ruler by God or is a god themself), was useful in cases where rulers had expanded territory with new people who may not respect/follow them as a ruler. Emperor Jahangir Leader of the Mughal Empire (lived 1569 – 1627) (reigned 1605 – 1627) His empire had many different cultures and people under one rule.  Empire became known for tolerance; there was a representation of all of the different cultures. ‘Jahangir’s Dream’  Lion and lamb: predator and prey  Standing on continents of world  Embrace between Mughal (right) and Safavid (left) leaders  Painting was supposed to represent the peace between the Safavids and Mughals.  Showed many effects of trade, integrating aspects from other cultures: o Jahangir‟s head is at the center of a halo, a Persian artistic design. o Christian symbols of the lion and lamb. o Emeralds in Jahangir‟s necklace would have originated from America (brought by European traders). o Painting is actually a miniature, a Persian style of art. HISA01 Sept. 24 ‘Jahangir Preferring a Sufi Sheikh to Kings’  Jahangir is on a pedestal, showing his power.  Other men are a Sufi Sheik, a ruler of the Ottomans, a European king (possibly King James I of England), and the artist of the painting himse
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