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The Constitutional Settlement 1. Introduction -Post revolution period is a shift to early national period -With revolution, there is a really sharp brak inAmerican history, the source of this is the new nation of the USA, and this is a sharp break because in 1787, the Constitution was written at that point in 1787 -WhenAmericans talk about origins of nations, they talk about framers of the constitution and the ratification of the constitution -Americans sense of themselves as a nation rests on power of this document—to suspend the constitution is tyranny -More illuminating to see constitutional convention as one step to the formation of US governance—a constitutional settlement -Constitutional settlement means long term process where colonists gradually decide how to govern their new nation 2. Experiments In Power A. State Constitution Making: -1790 is when they tried to enforce the Constitution. As a learning process, it raises questions regarding power and the constitution -These Questions Include: -Monarchy was a component of unity—how do we establish a national government covering these distinct states, and how do you cover all of them? -How do you ensure this government is an republican government ruled by the majority and not one person? -Republics arguably only work in small countries, with one common good or common goal in mind. -In 1783 US is a large country by European standards -Each of the 13 states is putting together it’s own republican government—how can power be shared? Is it even possible to have an republic? -Constitution itself is a process of a series of long trials B. 1781Articles of Confederation: -First constitution did not work, what we have today is a second constitution -Failure of Articles of Confederation drives creation of present constitution -13-14 States at that point was writing their own constitutions respectively, federal constitution will draw on it by themselves -Alot of revolutionary forces wanted their own constitution, not another mixed-and-balance one -Revolutionaries wanted the constitutions all written in one place, so everyone can know when the government overstepped it’s bound -Rights that State experiments want guaranteed are rights of free speech and assembly C. Problems in 1780s -National government established byArticles of Confederation, which comes to effect in 1781, which gives the US a national legislature conducting war, peace and diplomacy, along with conscript people for the army and print money, but it could not levy taxes or regulate trade—very weak national government -Alot of people actually like weak government in the beginning because they fought against centralized governments—however the US starts running into many problems -First off at the national level, there are a lot of economic crises—Congress cannot tax and can only ask states for money, states do not give money to congress and only got 2 million out of 16 million—so they have to print money, leading to the worst inflation in US history -Splits happening between backcountry farmers and merchants—trade inbalance in US triggers depression, often merchants will sue merchants for payment, often enough the people sued are indebted farmers, who turn to state governments to pass laws postponing debt 3. Creating the Federal Constitution A. ConventionAt Philadelphia -The delegates met at the state house in Philadelphia to solve, or the Constitution Hall, where they try to draft constitution. Virginia plan was largely drafted by James Madison . Gave birth to national legislature that could veto state laws -New Jersey hate this plan, and come up with their own plan where there is one house and one vote for each state because of small population -Compromise is lower house elected proportionate to population and two senators per state—big stat
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