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Lecture 19

Lecture 19

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Neville Panthaki

L19 Weimar Republic - interwar German government - what led to the collapse of the government as a result of post-Versailles events - inafter WWI, government was organized to collapse November 10, 1918 - Social Democrat (SD) - centre-Left - day before armistice - monarch head of state was not in control of German government - German high command had been in charge - military affairs was so large that it encompassed within hands of army - government control in hands of monarchyexecutive were almost collapsing - when high command realized that they could not win WWI, allowed monarchy to collapse - popular, Germans could not have won WWI, army organized armistice (found scapegoat) government wanted a scapegoat to take them out of the war - wanted to rid the monarchy - wanted to continue to be in charge of the governmentretain control but did not want to be blamed - Versailles signed by SD March 13, 1920 - Kapp Putsch (still under army control) - why not openly command the government ? - Allies may come in and restore governmentmonarch if upheaval - Putsch launched a coup against his own leadership (defeated but resulted to ask the government for more armed control) November 6 - 8, 1923 - emergence of the Fascist party - organizes Munich Putsch (emergency powers) - street coup - attempt to take over the streets of Munich - brawl easily put down by high command - by this time, Nazi party under Hitler becomes a side in the lobby - emergency powers - increased powers: right to suspend, search without
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