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Nadia Jones- Gailani

HISB41H3Making of Modern Canada World War I The Soldiers Story Lecture Outline I The War Begins Signing UP Mud Boredom Terror Pride The Home Front Canadians come out of the war literally divided as a result of the idea of conscription But it is also a period of great mobilization In 1914 Canada once again answer Britains call and goes to war In June 1914 Arch Duke Fredenad is assassinated caused the allied forces of each nation to get angry at one another Because Britain went to war Canada was also at war The War Begins At the beginning both French and English Canadians are united in going to war Allied forces Britain France Russia Enemy forces Germany Austria As to our duty we are all agree we stand shoulder to shoulder with Britain and the other British Dominions in the quarrel This was very much an ideological war fighting along side the evils In 1914 the Wars Measures Act was passed that prohibited the government to get rid of anyone who was believed to be conspiring with the enemy Many new immigrant farmers were believed to be enemy aliens and put into encampments and held their during the war under suspicion Signing Up Canadians were enthusiastic about joining the war When canada first entered the war during 1914 there were about only 3000 men permanent army however there were cadet programs but at a very limited capacity 60000 reserves The idea of conscription was raised in the house of commons but it was not in favor Prime Minister Borden promises not to enforce conscription in 1914 because thousands of men signed up voluntarily to fight the evil abroad but signing up meant leaving work and there is a slight economic slum looking for paid work and this was an optionSam HughesMinister of Militia the first contingent of about 36000 men were known as hughess Boys and many of these who enlisted were recent British immigrants and 25 were Canadian British individuals while the rest were other ethnic groups However there are other groups that were discouraged from enlisting known as the visible minority although signed up to fight for canada did so at own expense These groups were AfricanCanadians Japanese First Nations However later on in the war there are about 4000 First Nations men enlisted to be part of the the Canadian Army
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