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march 23 lecture

Health Studies
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Anna Walsh

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HLTB03H3Y: Foundations in Health
Department of Health Studies
University of Toronto at Scarborough
Winter 2011
Instructor: Anna Walsh.
Term: Winter 2011: Wednesdays 9 a.m.-11 a.m.
Lecture Room: Room HW216.
March 30, 2011 Pharmaceutical Industry and Research Ethics. Chs. 22 and 23.
Current Events:
Risk-benefit analysis done when going to the physician and being prescribed
Most patients are getting priority procedures on time and medically recommended
wait times
Wait times for procedures are shorter in the largest provinces (BC, ONT, and QC)
98% of all Cdns who needed cancer radiation treatment received it in a clinically
recommended time frame
98% in NS and 100% in Manitoba
Cataract surgery 83% ppl received it on time; 48% in Alberta and 98% in New
Better wait times reported for hip replacement than knees
o84% for hips with PEI at 90%
oBest place for knee placement is 93%
Bypass surgery in prescribed wait times
Problems with diagnostic scans and waiting longer for MRIs than CT scans
In Ont. Increasing patient access to certain cancer drugs
oPolicy change comes after 35 year old woman fighting to get a certain
drug perceptin
oInsurance only paid for the drug when tumour for breast cancer was only
one cm whereas hers was ½ a cm.
Federal govt has created MS monitoring system in response to Paolo Zambonis
controversial treatment which targets blood flow in the brain and cardiovascular
MS affects ppl in the ages 20-40
oCollect clinical and demographic information in Cda
oMonitor symptoms
oEffective therapies
oUnderstanding of Paolo Zambonis treatment
oNeed to have data to support the theory and efficiency of the treatment
oNeed to properly replicate that treatment findings

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o22 000 ppl signed up for pilot study in Hamilton, ON.
Link identified by Dr. Roger MacIntyre
oInsulin places a big role in triggering mood disorders and metabolic
changes in the brain
oIllnesses such as depression and other affective disorders are being caused
by imbalances
Further research how insulin levels affect our moods
Prozac a few years ago was considered effective in treating
depression which is incorrect
Use of insulin nasal inhaler to treating symptoms of depression
Correlation between obesity, diabetes, and depression
50-75% patients suffering from diabetes and depression are
obese or overweight
Research is at an early age
Adverse Reactions
Example of adverse reactions: Montelukast sodium (Singulair), a leukotriene-
receptor antagonist prescribed for treatment of asthma in patients 2 years of age
and older.
It is also indicated for the relief of symptoms of seasonal allergies in patients 15
years of age and older when other treatments are not effective or not tolerated.
Montelukast has been marketed in Canada since 1997.
Eg. Prozac has been prescribed for weight loss and is an example of off-label drug
Antibiotics and penicillin to treat infections and diseases
Risks and adverse side effects related to drugs
Most ppl are often health illiterate and are often embarrassed to ask
questions from their doctors and pharmacists
Adverse reaction caused by singulair and treated allergies and
asthma to relieve symptoms related to seasonal allergies and dangerous for
kids under the age of 15
Singulair was available to children as young as 12 mos.
Between Sep 2007 and July 2008, updated with a
monograph to convey risks of depression and suicide
FDA early communication reported possible link between
depression and suicide; reports increased 7-fold of linked cases
of singular and thoughts of suicide and development of
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