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Lecture 3

HLTB41H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Social Stratification, Pituitary Gland, Allostatic LoadPremium

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Health Studies
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Lauren Wallar

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Week 3: Theoretical Frameworks of Social Determinants of Health
A determinant of health is a factor that + or – influences health.
There are different types of determinants.
There are various conceptual models of determinants and their interactions.
A cause is a factor that precedes an outcome, produces a change in the severity and frequency
of that outcome, and without which, the outcome would not have occurred or been delayed in
Causes can be classified as biological or population causes, positive, protective, and risk factors,
necessary and sufficient causes, and distal and proximal causes.
The component-cause model and causal web models are two conceptual models of causation.
Relationships between determinants and health can be independent or dependent (association,
correlation, causation).
Hypothesized causal associations can be investigated using causal criteria
Social determinants of health are the economic and social conditions that shape the
health of individuals and populations
The quality and distribution of SDHs are
determined by political and economic
forces that dictate societal organization and
resource provision
In general, morbidity and mortality increase
as one’s special position decreases
Three main theoretical frameworks for disease distribution
1. Psychosocial: focuses on endogenous biological responses to social interactions
Psychosocial theory posits that the social environment or psychosocial factors
alter host susceptibility by inappropriately activating neuroendocrine pathways
and increasing allostatic load over time
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