HLTC05H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Learned Helplessness, Social Stratification, Human Migration

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3 Dec 2012
HIV AIDS and the Global System
Global epidemic problem, the most significant health problem
for humans in late 20th century
Risk groups increasingly including marginalized, under
Have to look at it from a cultural lens
biological reality a lot of people have died (30 mil)
we do see though we have been able to control rates since
1980s, new drugs
figures for infected/deaths are stabilized
issue that is pandemic in all areas of world
focus: social conditions that allow for this, not so much the
governent leadership, SES
resulted in shortened life expectancy (40years)
tied to economic development issue, people aren’t able to
work because AIDS effects most prime time of their lives no
long term consequences
SYNDEMIC with TB Twin epidemics (diseases of poverty),
work best together in terms of causing most
morbidity/mortality, have ability to become pandemic
Syndemic two diseases co existing
o Sydemical co infection with TB
o Syndemical relationship with social
environment/relations (microparasite macroparasite
–humans preying on humans…rich abusing/exploiting
Social stratification brings unequal risk for exposure to and
infection by, various microparasites of HIV
HIV is a new disease for humankind, consider emergent one,
and reemergent one….emerged because of human culture
HIV origin in SIV (monkey virus)….jungles in Africa where
humans are in contact with the monkeys/primates who were
harbouring this virus …came into contact (butchered) with
them, acquired the virus
Emergence when public health has actually recognized it,
think about the context it only applies to someone who is
ABLE to go to a doctor for the disease, therefore we can
never know when this disease actually emerged ….disease of
human making
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