Lecture 11: autism lecture notes.docx

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2 Apr 2012
Continuation of HIV
social implications of HIV have to do with number of AIDS orphans - raised by extended family and have
lived with parent dying. conseq. affect psycho social development
PTSD - syndrome that is conseq. of stressful event differentiated in normal stress response but PTSD is
chronic form of is PTSD
conseq. on lack of friendships - trust or not
affect education and future employment opportunities
physiological development affected
Stigma and HIV
social conseq. of stigma or HIV
how stigma overrun society - cross cultural phenomenon
cultureal construct social construct in terms of shunning the children away
socio-economic gradient
not just stigma
MSL - further stressses children bec. their ethnic group, orphans, sex and ses
educational programs- play in film - present message that is more relateable and communicate to
e.g. paper plane reaching out to people
can be perceived as living not seen as sick intervention in maintaining health
Proximate - stigma - structural violence in society reduce stigma
addressing things stigma- issue of mothers
reducing burden in mothers, screen women, give antiretroiral drug
family - relation ship with father and mother.
brain damage in utero
varying disparity - spectrum
asperger - normal but some behaviors
Ret syndrome
CDD - rare
PDD - atypical autism
neurological condition - impairment something happen infancy or after as young humans exposed to
where in brain the disorder result of
regress - losing ability of milestones of child development - talk or walk
majority of behaviors as sweet of traits not 1-5 traits
wide range of behaviors but in terms of diagnosis a lot of things combined as opposed to few
beyond symptoms
- societal perception of disease
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