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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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Health Studies
Michelle Silver

Lecture 10 Notes y Well talk about health and also measurement issues y Likert scale Can range to anything but here it goes to 5 As the number increases it becomes more positive y Temporal element depends on time frame Asking someone to describe their health on a day they are sick and not sick Answer differently depending on their day when you ask them y Distinction between mental and physical If something like an argument happened earlier that day it might influence how you answer Can lead to confounding answers when researcher wants to know about physical health only y High correlation between how someone answers about their health and if they have mental or emotional issue y This likert scale ranging is a categorical variable It can be ranked naturally going from worse to better y Has to do with how they interpreted the question Example person with cancer but asking how they feel in regards to their health if they woke up on the right side on the bed y Productively does this mean a retired person has poor mental health y From US National Institute of Mental Healthy Most not dealt by specialists rather family doctors y Instead of having mentally ill in stable setting what happens is mentally ill go from prisonjail to hospital and then to mental institution find their way out and this process goes in a cycle y Direct Ambulance cost hospital cost etc y Indirect Individual is depressed and cant go to work so a substitute or no one replaces and loss of productivity Family looking after you and what they have to do These indirect costs are hard to measure compared to direct costs y One person in 10 is likely to have had an anxiety disorder in the past year y Most common mental health problem in women and are second only to substance use disorder in men y Irrational and excessive fear y Apprehensive and tense feelings y Difficulty managing daily tasks andor distress related to these tasks y Obsessions are uninvited or intrusive thoughts urges or images that surface in the mind over and over again y Compulsions are behaviors or rituals that the person follows to try to reduce or suppress his or her obsessive thoughts such as concerns about contamination y Common one is having to wash their hands continuouslyy C Im going to get sick and infect the entire family if I touch this door handle y P Muscle tension y Discomfort
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