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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Michelle Silver

Chapter Three: The Emerging Public Health System in Canada Introduction Public health policy and practice focus on preventing injury and illness Between the late 18 century and the early 20 century health care services generally were left to the market where many unregulated service providers competed for customers th In the early 20 century, efforts were made to develop and regulate health care providers and managed a health care system For the last century health care focused mainly on medical and hospital care In the last two or three decades, efforts were made to reform the Canadian medical care system to a health care system Health promotion has recently become a goal of health policy, encouraging and empowering individuals to make healthy choices and discouraging from unhealthy choices It draws attention to many social determinants of health and illness that effect the health status as a whole and as sub-groups in society The new public health paradigm: this refers to the growing emphasis on health promotion combined with more traditional concerns about illness prevention Background Every society is concerned with the health and well-being of its members By the 18 century, some Western European societies were undergoing revolutionary transformations dealing with social modernization The shift from pre-modern to modern society has the following changes: From an agricultural, non-market economy with little division of labour and family-based production to an industrial, money-based market economy with extensive division of labour and mass production From rural to urban geographies From decentralized political structures to centralized state From communalism and personal (affective) ties to individualism and impersonal, instrumental relations
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