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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Health Studies Tutorial Test 1 Notes Ch14 Reader 612 615Chapter 3 Six Plagues of AntiquityChanges in human lifestyle lead to changes in infectious diseasesFor 2 million yearshumans lived in hunter gatherer groups lack of contact with other people and having no domesticated animals meant little to no exposure to new infectionsEpidemics were almost nonexistentOnly diseases with very high transmission rates little or no immunity and stds were found in these groupsThough diseases such as malaria and yellow fever may have existed conditions favouring such diseases did not become available until the hunter gathers made a move into agriculture or continued nomadic roaming lives that depended on the farming of herds of animals 8000 BC human population settled in villagesValleys of Tigris and Euphrates Rivers MesopotamiaNile Egypt Yellow River chinaGrowth of cities powered by agricultural revolution which allowed there to be more food to feed larger populationsLarger populations cities meant an increase in the transmittance of diseasesDiseases of Antiquity 5000 BC AD 700 characterized by parasites with longlived transmission stages eg eggs and those involving person to person contactDiseases become established only when there were a small number of persistent infectious individuals that could be maintained required population greater than a few hundred thousand endemicity 1 The Pharaohs Plague snail feverDisease that caused blood to appear in urine hematuriaWas once thought to mark puberty in male children1910 mark armand examined mummies found calcified eggs of blood fluke in kidneys
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