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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

20110922HLTA01 Plagues and People Lecture 3 Test Disease Ecology Bubonic plague Plagues of Antiquity lecture 2 and 3IntroductionPredominant diseases during hunter gatherer societyhigh transmission parasites that can go into the exterior environment vectors that help transfer diseasessexually transmitted diseasesMove to agriculture and the emergence of epidemic diseasesEmergence of citiesurban diseasesdfCrowding diseases emerged due to the high population industrialization and pollution which affected the external environment Plagues of Antiquity500 BC to 700 ADCharacterized by parasites with long transmission stageslay eggs eggs become larvae the eggs enter the human body and the cycle repeats itself The parasites can get easily transmitted through person to person contactThe Pharaohs Plague1900 BCNile Valley of Egypt Agriculture and irrigation the nile was great for agriculture for growing and selling cropsBut it created an environment where the spread of disease was immenentSnail fever or blood fluke diseaseendemic hematuria shcistosomiasisParasites start as microscopic eggs parasitic eggs they become adult worms where they enter the body and live in tiny blood vesselsEventually it was not restricted to people who live around the Nile17991801 is when Europeans invaded Egypt and more understanding of the disease became more apparent 200 million people are affected by snail people1 million annual deaths worldwideIts present in developing countries Plagues of Athensaffected the greek civilization They based their civilization on making wine and olive oilBy the end of the dark ages 750 BC 200 power city states emerged Grew into powerful stateswas a war that was long lasting 27 years the Spartial forces were much greater than the Athenian forcesIt 430 BC an epidemic started and it moved intoIt is believed that 140 Athenians died as a result of the plagueThere isnt a lot of information or evidence that reveals what this plague is High rates including pericles Route Ethiopia into Egypt and then AthensDidnt know where it existed but it had a large impactThe Roman Fever
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