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Caroline Barakat

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HLTA01 Test 2 Leprosy TuberculosisSyphilisDate Oct 17 2011 Leprosy Hansens Disease thOriginFar East 1400BC to West via trade routes IndiaGreece 4 C BCMediterranean 0 AD JESUSs time History saraath Hebrewdefiled accursed scaly lepros lepra leprosy aka satyriasisinsatiable sex appetite Pagan priests bathing in blood of sacrificed childrencure Found in an Egyptian Papyrus doc1550BC Indian writing 600BC facies leprosa facial bone findings Ancient Greece after Army w Alexander the Great returned from India320BC Rome 62BC Pompeiis troops Constantine caught it Recognized as disease of the soul earlier thought to be hereditary illness caused by curse or punishment by GodBibleJob in Leviticus Lepers stigmatized eg Wear special clothes arrival notification bells separate hospitals leprosariums lazaretto leper colony lazar house Christians cared for lepers Lazar houses lazarets Muslims culture didnt really discriminate Minorities targeted more thththth12 Cbecame epidemic 1314 C peak in Europe 14 Cretreated bc pulmonary TBresistance to leprosy Crusades return to Europe SpainAfricaAmericas1873Father Damien cared for lepers at Molokai island til died fr leprosy himself stthth1 leper house England 936AD Mid 12 C lepers lost civic status removed from public office 13 C 19000 leprosaria in use ththMass of Separation rise during Middle Ages 1314 C decline around 1350 AD spread to North America aka Hansens Disease 1873 Dr Hansen of Norway discovers leprosy germ Mycobacterium leprae M leprae Etiology M leprae Slow multiplying bacillus rodshaped avg doubling time 1214days Incubation period of 35yrsa spectral disease many manifestations low infectivity low virulence higher resistance in Blacks lowest in White no known vectorsreservoir hosts no way of detecting pastpreventing Discussion Challenges in finding cause no specific method of studying the agent since cant teststudy animals unless infect human armadillos dont even develop human type long incubation period 35 yrs prevents knowing who contracted it slowmultiplying bacillus takes avg of 1214 days to double Transmission uncleartakes closefrequent contact to spreadTransmissionvia droplets from noseduring closefrequent contactnot hig
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