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Health Studies
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th 10 Jan, 2013 HLTB01 The baby boomers (explosion of birth after world war 2) would now be entering old age. This course will focus on aging and health (diseases like Alzheimer’s and other chronic degenerative diseases and their impacts on human life). We are also concerned with how society deals with senility and the increase in older people within our population. Crews and ice 2012: Of interest to human biologists is that senescence and aging are associated with greater biological, physiological and sociocultural variation than observes during other periods of the human life span. Besides the variation in culture, we will focus on the variation in life history and experiences (those who live in senior care homes compared to those that are homeless, also low SES V.S high SES) Geriatrics is the branch of medicine that deals with health problems and diseases of old age and aging individuals Gerontology is the field of study concerned with aging and problems of the aged. (elder a
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