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Lecture 8

Lecture 8-13 Notes

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Health Studies
Ingrid L.Stefanovic

HLTB01 Lec.8 Mental Health, stress and social support Health Sum of illnesses and problems When you say that you are healthy does it mean that you are disease and illness free Are you unhealthy because you have a cold Functional problems graph Functional problems among adults As you age more functional health issues Women have more problems than men Notice the legend at the bottom of the graph o Not all the functional problems that the elders have o Can include more o Lots of overlap with issues For example if a person has problems with their feet then they will have a hard time walking or taking a shower. This can also translate to mean that they will have a hard time with o Helpful because we see the differences between feet problem and FEMALES 85 YEARS AND OLDER HAVE HIGHER BARS ON THE GRAPH o MORE FUNCTIONAL PROBLEMS o WHY DO FEMALES HAVE MORE PROBLEMS THAN MEN? Because we all know that women have a higher life expectancy on average This is why they have more problems than men who are still living 2 common measures of daily living o Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Bathing, dressing, toileting, going from bed to chair, conscience eating o Instrument Activities of Daily Living (IADL) More physically demanding Using the phone, shopping, food preparation, housekeeping, laundry, independent travel, taking medications How would you describe your health? Pie chart showing percentages of seniors and how they describe their health o Poor 6% o Fair 17% o Good 35% o Very good 31% o Excellent11% What does this mean? o Does it mean that they are disease free? Gives us the overall measure of health but doesnt tell us what it means What are you thinking about when asked about your health? o Physical activity, psychological health, physical pain o If someone is feeling depressed can they say that they are healthy? Fundamental loss can affect mental health o INCREASE in disability can lead to a DECREASE in well being, social relations and life satisfaction o Hard to know what is actually happening Need to get more specific about measures to get clearer results Mental Health WHO State of well being in which individual realizes his or her own ability Think about older adults o Retired, not contributing to communities o Not active o Defn not helpful for older adults Mental health Americaninstituteof mental health definespeoplewith mental health to haveoneof the following conditions. Depression Eating disorders Panic disorders o Is this helpful for older adults Depression is the only one among the list that is relevant AMONG OLDER ADULTS DEPRESSION IS THE MOST COMMON ISSUE OF MENTAL HEALTH Measureof mental health Anxiety, hostility, depression, depressive symptoms, well being, optimism Anxiety Symptom is worrying Worries can include health, money, family , work Unrealistic and out of proportion Hyperventilation is characteristic of people who are going through anxiety Excessive exaggeration Starts in childhood and adolescence o Can occur in adulthood Underestimated o With age increase prevalence with medical issues o Less likely to be reported o Older adults have excluded this measure in surveys a Hostility Easily aggravated when challenged Symptoms ???? Unstable over the life course o high rate of hostility in adolescents and in older adults correlated with health behaviour habits o individuals who drink more and who are overweight tend to be more hostile correlation doesnt apply causation o people might drink more because they are feeling hostile Depression most common health condition in world most common among elderly not considered normal part of aging should be dealt with Depression vs. Dementia strong similarities and overlap both associated with memory issues Depression when you become depressed you tend to forget things other adults will vocalize fear of loss of memory
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