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Health Studies
Dan Silver

Turnitin copy due at midnight hard copy due at beginning of classSo can resubmit it if see that looks like a lot of plagiarized stuffdouble check thisWhen start from infancy you can note just how frail and dependent the human infant isEg bone mass dont reach peak until 30s so it does suggest increase in some positive attributes of agingAging is not only growing weaker you also get some positive attributesThoeries create a structure that explain why things happen the way they doA description that helps us make sense of what we are observing1 is thought of as theories or as the first step of thinking about theories then steps 2 and 3slide 6 stndrd Have a set of empirical obs that we note and note similarities btw our findings btw the 1 2 3 groups and if find similarities can develop synthesis on generalizations and then formulate theoryOver 300 theories on agingEarly gerontologists looked at ind differences such as well being Ancient models include bible medieval stuff fossilsGerontology helps us disentage the effects of history bioand social aspectsSo its a multidisciplinary field and borrow theories from variety of different disciplinesEg family history of disease bio markers eg blood samples social life of individualsMicrolevel theoryCan explain phenomenon such as relationship btw adult children and parentsOr changes in memory in ageEffects of negative attitude on older adults self imageMacroFocus on economic conditions and social realtions for exampleEg explain the effects of industrialization on older peoples status on societyChanges in auto industry on retirement on older adultsCan think of it as the study of human kind from beginning of time to now4 types of anthroSociocultural anthroBiological anthroArcheologicalLinguisticDeals with origins and diversity of humans biologically sociallyAge is a culturally constructed change of lifeCultural constructSo characteristics people contribute to things like gender are culturally defined and are not fixedEven different regions different people its differentSomething that typically rises during adolescenceEthnography is distinct for field for anthroObs people in native envvironment rather than obs in research labEg taking notes asking questions Eg killing of frail elderly is hard to get this type of info from other methods of research such as a surveySecond example for girlsEg beautydeath defined by culture that people lived in slide 14Age versus aging slide 16How we age is used in the regulation of social life and in neogtional of normal livingAbout experiences over life course At certain ages have certain norms such as how we dressCan think about expectations in terms of theoies and age in regards to social phenomenonTheories about aging are theories about living thte changes experineced during life course and internerdependencies throughout life among different generationsSlide 20Eg two sisters ones older ones young so can tell be ones taller more bone structure so know that older but dont know exactlyAbsoluteuse calendars clocks etc say older sis is 5 yrs older so its an absolute time
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