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HLTB01 Chapter 9 10/22/2012 11:06:00 PM Galen: four humors influenced both personality and health.  Blood: ruddy, sanguine personality  Melancholy (black bile): depression and degenerative disease.  Choler (yellow bile): angry and bitter  Phlegm: cause apathy Bidirectional refers to a reciprocal relationship between physical and psychological health. Transactional refers to a continuous process of change among multiple variables.  Personality processes: psychological factors studied in connection with health and aging include traits, affective states, psychological symptoms, and beliefs and attitudes.  Negative emotion: hostility, depression, anxiety Positive emotion: control, self-efficacy, optimism and emotional stability Psychological risk factors and health Hostility:  Risk factor for CHD (coronary heart disease)  Two ways of assessing TABP (type Abehavior Pattern) o Structured Interview (SI):  Easily aggravated, express hostility in some rather standardized ways.  Quite annoyed by people whom they perceive to be slow and tend to interrupt and finish sentences.  Angry and hostile when challenged, especially in social situations. o Self-report questionnaires: JenkinsActivity Survey (JAS)  Not predict heart disease very well o Decrease with age, instability o Poorer health behavior habits: smoke, drink and weight more, less active. o exhibit greater cardiovascular reactivity to stress o higher levels of serum lipids such as LDLs and triglycerides. Anxiety:  CHD, sudden card
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