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Mental health

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Health Studies
Anna Walsh

LEC 8 Mental Health HLTB01 Current events: There is always a connection between the mind and the body, and certain factors may contribute to a decrease in health. Stress is one of the worst because it causes damage. Example of Obama and his memory lapses (thinks there are 57 states) Mental health and physiological health are not separate entities. People in North America aren’t getting enough sleep because of the use of computers and other electronics an hour before going to bed. Study showed 95% of respondents used electronics before bed. Between the ages of 13-18 most likely was video games. Reasons for this include because you are engaging in activity and the artificial lights of the overstimulates you and represses MELATONIN, which is necessary for sleep. Dr. Samuel’s said people are connect for 24 hrs a day because of electronics. 1/10 people report being woken up by txt, email , phone call etc.. IT is suggested that one turns of electronics after 9 pm. Those using are consuming to much coffee as well as taking many naps. Sleep deprivation effects mood, family work, social life.It can also result in confusion with memory problems , especially in the elderly. Not having enough sleep can often be confused with memory problems esp. in the elderly. Elderly may not be using electronic devices but there is other reasons ( stress, grief and loss) …elder will be given medication that can interfere with ability to sleep. Also chronic conditions that cause pain and interrupt sleep ▯ RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS…may have difficulty sleeping—having problem sleeping—be fatigued and you may think that person has memory problem such as dementia…. Therefore, when going to the doctors it is important to provide extensive research into the patient’s life because sleep habits might be the issue. Some people get sleep disruption because of falling, 1/5 of all severe admissions to the hospital result from falling. Health care budgets differ from hospital to hospital, recently they put a 2 year wadge freeze to deal with the 20 billion $ deficit. This can implicate the elderly by causing lay offs and budget cuts for services.( already not enough adequate services) In women, 1-2 servings of sugary drinks can increase risk of gout (gout is a form of arthritis where uric acid crystals form in the joints) this does not include pop/soft drinks Stress: there is an association btwn war and ability to remember and flooding of memort. An example of this is PTSD which causes sleep difficulty and interruption in ability to function . Recent research has focused on finding ways to delete the experience. Dr. Kadem NADAR conducted research on medicine that would dull the pain makning it an ordinary event,. Propranolol : is a BETA-blocker (originally created for people suffering high BP and angina) that dulls the effect of memory, and if taken within hours of event, the person will not develop PTSD (offers relief) Also, fight or flight response hormones increase blood pressure starting as early as 40. Therefore it is also important for a Dr. to routinely examine the person state of stress because it is relative to health state. Although, some stress can not be avoided, in So
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