Lecture 4: Culture and Development

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International Development Studies
Leslie Chan

IDSA1030 PROFCHEN 10042011LECTURE FOUR CULTURE AND DEVELOPMENTLecture By Professor Ken McDonald Defining Culture The beliefs and traditions of a specific group of people The sum of all practices and influences in a society Expressed through practice symbols ideals Development the idea as culturalStory 1 Agroecological practice and DevelopmentK2 agricultural community where people produce for themselves no mechanization Inhabited for over 2000 years with no access to outside markets o These communities produce everything they need by themselves5 different varieties of wheat are grown to prevent and protect against diseases disease cannot spread through varieties varieties mature at various times of the yearo Diversity of food supply and variety of materialA development agency distributed a type of Chinese wheat to the regiono This seed was distributed through 5 different types of areas w different irrigation systems soilso 4 years later this seed was not adopted because not suitable in mountainous terrain It was top heavy falls over in windy conditionsRequires more energy because it is high yield Tastes horribleAgronomist in town believed that these people did not accept this seed because they are traditional do not accept outside sources and are resistant to innovation and modernity o Assume that compared to western civilization these societies are not modernDefining Tradition History TimePast Openresistance to changeinnovation Modernity and time are grounded through a linear relationship where Modernity rests on topM TModernity came out of traditionDefining ColonialismGeographical divisions of the world and its peoples are representations that have been evolved from particular beliefs about people environments and societies The meanings attached to those descriptions reflect culturally specific values regarding how people should live The construction of these differences can lead to the domination of some social groups by others The value hierarchies of colonialism are present in the language of development
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