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International Development Studies

Environmental Science lec 1, lec 2 09202010 Environmental science is a mixture of a lot of disciplines Environmental science the science andor study of the environment, human effects on the environment, conversely how the environment effects humans Environmentalist takes a necessarily biases towards the protection of the environment (a protestor about environmental issues) Environmental scientist take an unbiased view of circumstances, suppose to be as objectable and open as possible Ecological footprint a manner of quantifying the land area required for persons from a specific place to maintain their current lifestyle o If they grow than thing can go worse because earth does not grow in SA Hectare 100mx100m Two viewpoints o Cornucopia: horn of plenty Human ingenuity will see us through our environmental problems via new technologies and the such o Cassandra: mythical princess of Troy who prophesized about dire future scenarios All is lost because of our impact on the environment Solutions o Recycling o Renewable energy (i.e. solar and wind) o Best management practices in natural resource extraction and agriculture Lecture 2 Todays lecture o The scope of human population growth o The history of human population o Fundamentals of demography www.notesolution.com
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