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University of Toronto Scarborough
International Development Studies
Anne- Emanuelle Birn

Health and the Environment – Lecture 9 – November 16 , 2010  Box 10-1, Table 10-2, Table 10-3 o Know agents of environmental health problems  Ecology through the ages (pg. 472-3) o From hunter gathers 150,000 years ago  Era of balance o To domestication of animals and plants o To human settlements and cities 5000 years ago o To extractive industries 900-1500 years o To imperial exploitation 1600 onwards th o To the industrial revolution 19 century o To era of mass production and consumption o Environmental problems have accumulated during less than 10% of human history  Figure 10-1 o Policies and politics feeding back into the health environment o Nothing natural about a disaster = ecological disaster  Climate change pg 475-8 o UN intergov Panel on Climate Change reached consensus in 07:  Temps are rising  Related to human activities, especially fossil fuel burning o Magnitude of relationship, currently and in future, remains uncertain  Tries to invalidate the theories o Greenhouse Effect makes the earth liveable o BUT it has been magnified in recent centuries due to emission of greenhouse gases due to human activities o Earth’s temp is est. to have risen by 1 degree in the last 30 yrs and may rise 2-10 degrees in the future o Huge rise in concentration of main GHG since 1750: CO2, CH4 and NO2 o Principal sources  Cars  Production o Fourfold rise in energy production o Is population the cause?  Not really, because the countries with the highest pop has the lowest emission o N. America and Europe account for 60% vs. S. Asia and Africa and 3.2% world energy consumption o Therefore, market forces shaping production and consumption patterns are far more imp than pop in explaining patterns of fossil fuel consumption  Table 10-1 o 1990-2004…huge increase in tons o Certain parts of the world emit more than other parts  Climate Change: potential health consequences (477-8) o Heat waves and droughts o Precipitation changes o Climate change: large scale effects with interlocking relationships  Box 10-2 o Consequences of and responses to climate change go beyond the lifetimes…and personal sacrifices (p. 479)  Ecological Footprint p 480 o Translates human consumption of renewable natural resources into hectares of avg biologically productive land o Individual footprint o Global footprint o Human consumption outstripped earth’s biological productivity by 20% in 2001 o Global footprint in 03: 2.3  US: 9
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