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Chandan Narayan

PSYA02 March 14, 2013 Accents – can be produced by geography Intro  Children in isolation do not (generally) acquire human language  No two humans speak in exactly the same way  Humans need social context in order to learn language. o Humans are by definition social entities  The relationship between language and society is studied by the vast field of sociolinguistics. Dialects  Native speakers of any language can talk to and understand each other, no two people speak alike  We have the ability to recognize acquaintances by hearing them talk  Every speaker has idiodlect: the unique characteristics of the language of an individual  Do not divide accents by region, because every person has different phonetic environments.  Groups within the same language can be different among themselves  When systematic differences between groups appear, dialects are formed o Intelligible differences between people within the dialect o Unintelligible differences from people outside the dialect  A language is a collection of dialects  When two dialects become mutually unintelligible, they change into separate languages o Is difficult to draw line between separate dialects and separate languages  Political, economical, geographic factors are involved o Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish are considered separate languages,
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