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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 Notes.

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Chandan Narayan

PLIC24 OCT 17Pre LinguisticProduction of Sounds Production from zero to 1 year thats why its pre linguisticCooing Very little space in babys vocal tract so you get velar stops and the sound ooo whichare both at the back of the mouth K and G are back velar sounds and u is a back vowelBabbling To lingists this is a linguistic stageBabblingIntentional communication begins at 8 months and babbling begins at 6 months so you wont really find intentional babbling Some babies dont babble May have omething wrong with the vocal tract Unless theyre deaf theres still lanuage acquisition going on If theres a physical problem theyre still getting the language inputReduplicated babblingIn general the more babbling and interaction the better it is At this point its CV without a codaVariegated babblingHere and there you may get a codaAlso may get intentional communication at this stage Universal TendenciesThe most common babbling sounds are those most common across languages Before long the sounds of the ambient language begin to influence the babbling
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