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Lecture 4

MDSA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: John Dewey, Occupy Movement, Policy Analysis

Media Studies
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Organizational analysis: trumpet magazine
- Trumpet is published by the Philadelphia church of god created and published the article.
- The magazine has a religious overtone. Titles of articles include “the way of a Christian”
- “children of married parents do better than children of single parent families”
- What is the position of the organization and how does that influence the perception of the
- How does this reflect organizational analysis? There exposing certain values, and those values
happen to be those of Christianity. They are well funded, as well
- Pragmatic analysis refers to policy and regulation:
- Organizational motivations of the voices that are in the media
Pragmatic analysis is related to policy analysis
- Policy analysis: what are the policies and regulations as they pertain to media
Case Study : violence and phones
- How social media fuels social unrest ?
- The use of cellphones in Britain.
Do we need a technology of encryption for our cell phone communication? Is this something of benefit
or harm?
- Phones should only be incripted as a business only application, to prevent people from hacking
into phones to prevent others from stealing business models etc.
- The company is unable to disclose private information of users to other people , even when they
are committing a crime (bbm it to a person etc)
- Blackberry has no right to reveal the private information of its users
- Is there particular policies that have a bias ?
o Child avatars, and adults pretending to be children for the purpose of having online sex
o Restriction: there will be a certain point where the fulfillment that arises from cyber sex
will not be satisfying , hence the person can go too far with the game, and emulate such
actions In the real world.
o So , ones actions in the virtual world could get carried into the real world
o Does video game violence contribute to violence or is it just entertainment?
If virtual violence doesn’t beget violence, than virtual pedophilia doesn’t beget
Its very difficult to regulate a fantasy and an imaginary world. To regulate it you
need to regulate the imagination, and that’s almost impossible to do
A habit can be difficult to break and theres a fine line between the virtual world
and reality
Another argument posits that there is a lot of pornographic material on the
internet and it makes no sense to regulate cybersex (child porn) ,seeing that
they will have to regulate other forms of pornography as well.
A few strategies for writing
- Planning (notes)
- Writing ( getting the information on the page)
- Transitions ( intro, conclusion, ensuring cohesive structure)
- Revision
- Final revision (citation , proofreading)
- When reading, take notes in your own word
o First step in proper paraphrasing
o Keep track of where you got such information in your essay
The Writing Process
- Engaging in academic conversation
- Taking part in the creation processing of knowledge
- More on this moment
Writer’s Block
- The end is the beginning
- Write intro last
- You need not necessarily in order
- Passive processing: our brains will often work on problems even if we aren’t directly thinking
about it.
What is pragmatic analysis?
- Instead of ethereal concepts of being and time focus on everyday practical affairs: what works,
and what doesn’t work
- Philosophy and pragmatism , truth and truth as it relates to humans
- Truth can be debated forever
o Truth is local, contingent, contextual , historical and we need to
The debate at occupy wall street ? To what end ?
The occupy movement was seen as a bunch of bums sleeping in a park with no
ideals and solution
Hence media didn’t present , in fairness what was going on , and presented it in
a different way.
- William James
- Focus on the individual , a pragmatism as a means of personal growth to achieves one’s goal
- John Dewey; focuses on society and larger social issues. As an educational reformer he argued
against rote memorization and more for the development of problem solving skills
- Climate change has different types of media coverage.
o Different portrayals of cigarette smoking through advertising, and initially tried to
convince the public that cigarette smoking is not harmful
o Greening of corporations, where companies try to promote that they are doing a lot to
promote and help the environment
o Debate between whether or not coal or nuclear energy is a clean form of energy
(environmentally friendly)
o The media has a way, or industry has a way of manipulating and distorting the truth
o They are trying to fight regulations about certain products.
Pragmatic analysis