MDSA01H3 Lecture 9: mdsa01 Lecture 9

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31 Jul 2016
Lec 9
Lecture 9: Queer Analysis
The Deployment of Sexuality
- Discursive construction
oGayparticular kind of construction
- Performativity
- Philosophers/theorists of sexuality
oMichel Foucault (1926-1984)
One could not “be” a homosexual
Not a matter of identity
Being gay is something we have defined
oJudith Butler (b.1956)
Gender only exists because people act as gendered being
- We perform that aspect of identify
- Gender is a performance
What is queer analysis? Queer theory
- Interdisciplinary perspective
- Seeks to disrupt socially constructed systems over meaning regarding human sexuality
oMeant to get people to ask some questions
oDisrupt Hetero- dominant view
oQuestion critically
What is it to be human and the gender you identify to be
oPushing to some aspect of our thought (social)
- Sexuality- emotional, romantic or sexual attraction toward others
- Binary: heterosexuality/homosexuality
- Theroists work to expose the shortcomings of these labels and show how they work to
support systems of social power and privilege
- political
- “Queer is by definition whatever is at odds with the normal, the legitimate, the dominant.
There is nothing in particular to which it necessarily refers” (David Halperin, 1995, p. 62).
- What is a moral performance of gender?
oHow do we look at and define that morality?
oRight or wrong performance
- “Queer articulates a radical questioning of social and cultural norms, notions of gender,
reproductive sexuality and the family” (Cherry Smith, 2002, p. 28).
- “to queer – to make strange, to frustrate, to counteract, to delegitimise, to camp up
heteronormative knowledges and institutions, and the subjectivities and socialities that are
(in)formed by them and that (in)form them” (Nikki Sullivan, 2004, p. vi).
- Heteronormativity  consequently a heteronormative view is one that involves alignment of
biological sex, sexuality, gender identity, and gender roles
oTerm invented in 1991
oWhat it means in term of life style norms
oNatural roles
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