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Media Studies
Ted Petit

Section B2 Different Styles of Media Language Lecture: ? Register in Communicative Events: - There are 3 different aspects of communication associated with any context or situation o Fi0eld  Purpose or role for which the language is used, so it’s derived from its subject matter  Example: Cooking has its own field specific vocabulary o Mode  The medium of communication through which it’s made, transmitted and stored  Example: Communication difference between speech and writing. Speech includes news readings and announcements which are produced spontaneously whereas written texts are more formal and may need to be prepared and in advanced o Tenor  Social roles prescribed for or adopted by, participants in the communication situation, which determines tone  Example: Tone could be familiar or polite, personal or impersonal and therefore indicate the attitude of the writer or speaker towards the reader or listener - An example of how President Barack Obama’s speech can be analysed under this model: o Field: Political o Mode: Spoken (prepared and written in advance) o Tenor: Formal, authoritative Read Between the Lines - Text speak
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