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Lecture 4

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Media Studies
Gray Graffam

Lecture 4Pragmatic Analysis Chapter 4Regulation with whats allowedThere are various things that we know in media that is allowed and not allowedLibel put in print that is a lie about someone and it hurts themSlander lie about someone vocallyIndecency bodily exposure on tvProfanity words that cannot be saidRelativism what are guidelines in one country may not be the same in another countrypragmatic analysis Government policy and regulationCase Study Wired magazine about technology and trendsoRiotingoHow social media duels social unrestoRegulations of facebook vs our own code of conductoTexting using blackberry in the UKoCalling people out and telling them to meet somewhere and then it was vandalisedoIt had a very secure and fast systemoIssues it raised is that do we need that level of encryptiono Some yes because of big business government oWe have to wonder what are the tools that are we developing oWeapon of espionage and gangoCompeting in a global market of phonesGames and Ritualized PedaphiliaoAvatar form and can change their appearance second lifeoSome will turn themselves into children
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