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Labour RelationsTed MockCHAPTER FIVEThe Union PerspectiveIssues that have impacted unionization in the new millennium includeDeregulationthis leads to more competition in the market and that leads to less union powerGlobalizationthe freer movement of capital leads to job losses to lower wage cost countriesThis reduces union power in Canada and the USShift to individualistic employment relationshipsthis is often part of a union substitution strategyStructural changes includeoIncreasing participation rate of womenoDecrease in manufacturing sectoroIncrease in contingent employmentoIncreasing educational requirementsoIncrease in knowledge workThe Purpose of Unions economics politics and human rightsEconomicsunions createimprove balance of bargaining power between individuals and firms although this balance is constantly shiftingUnregulated markets lead to exploitive wages and possible workplace injuriesUnions replace individual bargaining with collective bargainingPoliticsunions promote industrial democracy1Employee voice in determining work rules collective bargaining2Written rules the collective agreement3Enforcement of lawLabour Relations Act Collective agreement Labour Board4Balance of powerprovided by the collective power of all workersHuman RightsILOinternational Labour Organization is an agency of the United Nations It established standards on child labour forced labour freedom of association and the right to collectively bargainThe right to bargain collectively is guaranteed in Canada by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and unions are required to give effect to this fundamental human rightPhilosophiesThe purpose of unions is to bargain collectively and be independent from the employerThe company union was first popularized in the 1920s and was made illegal in the US in 1935 with the Wagner Act and in Canada in 1944 with PC 1003The company union
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