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Management (MGS)
Nicolette S Richardson

Japanese Negotiation  Japanese bow when greeting whereas North Americans would shake hands  North Americans sign contracts, Japanese don`t sign contracts (their word is their promise and holds greater value than contracts—oral agreements hold greater value than written agreements) o In Japanese society, they disregard fine print. They value trust and built in relationships o In Japanese negotiation, they focus more on building personal relationships than on the details of the actual agreement o Value long term relationships instead of short term relationships  Debt and pregiving: When one person does a favour for someone else, the other person is obligated to return the favour  In Japanese negotiation, when the going gets tough, slow down  Seniority is highly valued when it comes to decision making. It is Japanese cultural norm for the opinion of the senior to be absolute and respected  Naniwabushi Strategy: o Step 1: Kikkai. Gives a background of the situation (e.g. I love Justin Bieber and have to go to JB concert in Tokyo) o Step 2: Seme. States how disastrous the situation would be if their request was not granted (It`s the very last concert JB will do. If I don`t go to Justin Bieber concert, that`s it. I completely miss
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